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Selection and improving of fit-for-purpose sampling procedures for specific foods and risks

Food Safety Objectives (FSO) and Performance Objectives (PO) are new criteria complementing the existing concepts of microbiological criteria and MRL for many chemical contaminants. However, to achieve these, it is of critical importance to harmonise food safety control procedures.

The overall objective of the BASELINE project is to provide harmonised and validated sampling strategies, structured as International standard (ex. ISO), to support the European policies in food safety and to be suitable for food producers, in order to collect comparable data to improve quantitative risk analysis of selected biological and chemical agents.

The major output of the project is to generate new knowledge on sampling schemes for risk assessment by using a mathematical approach for different groups of food products as seafood, eggs and egg products, fresh meats, milk and dairy products and plant products. The project results will be translated in clear recommendations to the EC and end users and they will have a significant impact on protecting human and veterinary health.

BASELINE 2nd Workshop    September 26th, 2013    EFSA c/o Palazzo Ducale, Strada delle Fonderie, 43126 Parma (Italy)           Training Session on Plant Products    June 25th, 2013    CNTA, San Adrian (Spain)           2013 EFFoST Annual Meeting - Bio-based Technologies in the Context of European Food Innovation Systems    12th -15th November, 2013    Bologna, (Italy)           BASELINE Final Conference    November 12, 2013    Savoia Regency Hotel, Bologna (Italy)           BASELINE Final Conference    November 12, 2013    Savoia Regency Hotel, Bologna (Italy)           Training Session on Seafood    June 6th, 2013    Norwegian Veterinary Institute - Oslo (Norway)           VIII BASELINE MEETING    4th - 5th June, Norwegian Veterinary Institute (NVI)    Oslo (Norway)