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WP 2: Selection and optimisation of sampling plans for the different risk targets in eggs and egg products


WP Leader: John E. Olsen (UCPH)

WP objectives:

Partners involved: UNIBO, UBO, TIHO, VETFAC, UCPH, AFSSA

2.1 Products and processes to study (Leader: John E. Olsen - UCPH)
2.2 Review of current sampling schemes in different European countries for each product
category selected (Leader: Theda von Mueffling - TiHO)
2.3 Studies of factors relevant for risk associated with whole egg and pasteurized egg products (Leader: Marianne Chemaly - AFSSA)
2.4 New analysis methods for identification of risks associated to egg products (Leader: Estela Prukner Radovčić - VETFAC)