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WP 5: Selection and optimisation of sampling plan for the different risk target in plant products


WP Leader: María José Sáiz (CNTA)

WP objectives:

Partners involved: NVI, CNTA, UBO, HFSO, ISS, ITACyYL, UCO, UN

5.1 Select products and processes to study (Leader: Carlos J. González Navarro - CNTA)
5.2 Review of current sampling schemes in different European countries for each product
category selected (Leader: Ana Isabel Vitas - UN)
5.3 Identify risk factors and their PO and FSO values for various categories of vegetable based
products in different European countries (Leader: Fernando Pérez-Rodríguez - UCO)
5.4 Assess the need of new or adapted analysis methods for sampling (Leader: Laura Toti - ISS)